About Us


Koolstreet is a marketing solutions company. Together with our solution partner, Deluxe Rewards, a division of Deluxe Corporation, a 1.7 billion dollar financial services company, we represent the industry leader in delivering world-class loyalty and incentive solutions for major marketing companies, nonprofit and faith-based organizations. Our solutions drive a consumer action or behavior using a proven tool, relied on by some of the biggest brands in the world, across a broad range of industries, including credit card, wireless and membership. By applying a patented customer-engagement platform we can drive measurable results by enhancing customer acquisition, retention and engagement at a fraction of any traditional programs. For nonprofits and faith-based organization, Koolstreet has created a special program to help raise donations faster, easier and at a fraction of the cost creating a whole new profit center to support their mission.

Koolstreet and Deluxe Rewards work together for a common outcome. Koolstreet specializes in providing industry research, C-suite engagement, solution targeting and optimization. Deluxe Rewards executes the program solutions designed for the client, inclusive of performing all the customer service activities.