Auctions & Sweepstakes


Increase Engagement with Auctions & Sweepstakes

When you’re Customers Win – So Do You!

Developed for any budget, Auctions and Sweepstakes are completely customizable. With the ability to feature a variety of merchandise and travel experiences, these engagement modules are set up to achieve the results you need to meet your goals. Create stronger relationships with your customers by providing them with a fun, exciting way to interact with your brand on a regular basis—and the chance to win real prizes!

Loyalty You Can Bet On
With our Auctions module, your customers can experience the excitement of live bidding, driving the demand for your rewards currency. We provide a turnkey solution that includes a team of in-house buyers that assess the seasonality and popularity of your Auction items, while also incorporating any of your preferences. We track, review and provide enhancement recommendations, ensuring we meet and exceed your program goals.

  • Customizable
  • Wide variety of prizes
  • Increase currency demand
  • Exciting and engaging
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Prize fulfillment

Your Ticket to Retention
Reward your customers with Sweepstakes every day. With each login, your customers have a chance to win incredible prizes like trips, shopping sprees, hot electronics and more. Continue to increase the value of your rewards currency by rewarding customers for desired behaviors like opening emails or interacting with you on social media. We monitor and evaluate your Sweepstakes while also taking care of full legal compliance and prize fulfillment.

  • Reward desired behaviors
  • Legal compliance
  • Prize fulfillment
  • Incredible prizes
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Winners every day