Next-Level Gameification

  • Interactive Customer Education
    Easily promote your brand values, products and services with our fun, interactive games—while your customers earn rewards currency for playing. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, we can teach your customers how to get fit with trivia games, or a word search puzzle using the terms they should know and live by. We can even develop a memory challenge game that will introduce them to the full spectrum of your offerings. Whatever your goal, we can customize an interactive game to achieve whatever end result you desire.

    Development and Customization You Can Count On
    Our development team is equipped to build new games to your specifications, or to customize games from a variety of popular choices, like word games, memory challenges and jigsaw puzzles. Once you begin to increase demand for your rewards currency with solutions like Auctions and Sweepstakes, our games allow your customers to quickly earn the additional currency they may need in order to redeem time-sensitive offers like Daily Deals, Auctions and Sweepstakes.

    • Custom-built or branded
    • Reinforce your brand values
    • Choose from popular selections
    • Quick earning potential for time-sensitive offers
  • A Lesson in Loyalty
    Learned behaviors, skills and knowledge can translate into a deeper connection with your brand, and this is accomplished with games. Whether you just want your customers have some fun or you want to teach them how to live a lifestyle that’s synonymous with your brand, we have a solution that can successfully accomplish your goals.

    • Teach behaviors
    • Educate your customer base
    • Deepen brand connections

    It’s a Win-Win Situation
    We make gaming fun and rewarding by offering prizes that include everything from additional currency to Sweepstakes tickets! We give you the choice of allowing your customers to play independently or against each other, and can encourage participation by awarding prizes to weekly or monthly winners. The more your customer’s game on our platform, the more engaged they are with your brand.

    • Additional currency
    • Sweepstakes tickets
    • Weekly or monthly prizes for increased competition