Promo Codes


Decode Loyalty Using Promo Codes

  • Rewards Made Simple
    Promotional Codes are a great way to instantly reward your customers for performing desired tasks. From encouraging registration to teaching your customers about your brand or program, you can offer additional rewards currency, Sweepstakes tickets or a choice of prizes.

    Flexible Redemption Options
    The options are practically limitless when it comes to promo codes. If you want your customers to sample a product that resonates with your market demographic, or receive a deep discount on an item of their choice, we can make it happen. Want to offer free shipping for a limited time? We’ve got you covered. Send your customers a promo code and we can customize a choice of up to five ways it can be redeemed: a free gift, Sweepstakes ticket, discount, rewards currency—you name it!

    • Free gifts
    • Sweepstakes tickets
    • Free shipping
    • Product discounts
    • Product samples
    • Rewards currency
  • Incentivize Positive Customer Behaviors
    To encourage program registrations, offer your customers an exclusive Sweepstakes entry ticket when they sign up! If you want your customers to open your emails, simply include a promo code. Teach your customers about your brand by sending them a trivia question with a custom promo code as the answer. When you want to encourage redemptions, logins, in-store visits and more, promo codes are the perfect way to get the job done.

    • Get customers to open emails
    • Increase site visits
    • Increase redemptions
    • Increase store visits
    • Teach brand values
    • Increase awareness

    Custom Delivery
    Promo code delivery is completely flexible and customizable. Send codes to your customers via email, direct mail, in-site messaging or via social media. Once you’ve identified the behaviors you’d like to encourage, choosing a delivery method is easy. We can create a delivery strategy to help you achieve your goals, while maintaining consistent brand messaging and encouraging customer engagement.

    • Email
    • Direct mail
    • In-site messaging
    • Social media