Customer Support


Optimizing Each Customer Experience

Exemplary customer service is one of the main ingredients to any successful business. In fact, we believe every one of your customers is a valuable asset and must be treated as such. Our culture, policies and customer service execution are fueled by our zero tolerance for unhappy customers. Whether its emails, FAQs or helpful tutorials, each touch point is designed with a customer-centric approach to ensure we deliver experiences of the highest quality possible.

  • Superior Call Centers
    Our multi-lingual associates are trained specifically on your program to assist with account support, redemptions, technical issues and more by phone, email, fax or online. Available six days a week, we provide exceptional customer service from two full-service call centers.

    • Order assistance
    • Program inquiries
    • Technical support
    • Product support
    • Account assistance

    Advanced Call Center Technology
    Our state-of-the-art telecommunications systems allow us to consistently provide courteous and professional customer interactions in a timely manner. With a knowledge-based tool at their fingertips, our associates deliver quality results for each customer contact.

    • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
    • Technical support
    • Customer relationship management
    • Product support
    • Interactive voice response (IVR)
    • Call recording
  • Service Level Agreements
    We work with you to establish and support your service standards and protocols to guarantee the highest quality for your customers. Once standards are set, we track and evaluate call patterns and inquiries and continually provide recommendations for improvement. Real-time contact data, remote call monitoring and call center training for your agents are available.

    • Quality assurance
    • Reporting
    • Training services
    • Remote call monitoring

    Merchandise, Travel & Entertainment Gift Certificates
    This module is possibly one of the most diverse incentive products anywhere. We can create gift certificates for any item or service we offer or even for your own items or services. Each custom offer features any denomination with the ability to set or limit the liability/cost.

    • Custom denomonations
    • Single or multi-category
    • Thousands of products
    • Variable restrictions — build your own offer