• Our Fulfillment Services
    Fast, accurate merchandise fulfillment is an essential element of a successful loyalty and incentive program. Our fulfillment team handles orders from purchase to delivery and everything in between. Whether inventoried, drop shipped or digitally delivered, we provide the best redemption experience for your customers, resulting in positive interactions with your brand.<

    Warehouse Inventory
    Centrally located in Plymouth, Michigan, our 15,000 square foot warehouse inventories a wide variety of merchandise items and prizes. Temperature control, configurable storage and secure zones are just some of the bells and whistles. Whatever the need, we are prepared to deliver the best experience to your customer.

    • 5,000+ merchandise SKUs
    • Security
    • 15,000 square foot facility
    • Kitting and assembly
    • Inventory management
    • 200+ supplier interface
    • Pick and pack services
  • Full-Service Fulfillment
    From payment processing to delivery confirmation, we’ve integrated all the moving parts of the fulfillment process within our platform. Speed and quality are the keys to customer satisfaction and they are at the core of our operations. Shipments are processed within one business day so your customers’ orders are delivered timely and without flaw.

    • Order and payment processing
    • Custom package inserts
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Order tracking
    • One business day shipping
    • Drop ship management
    • Shipping to U.S. , Puerto Rico and Canada
    • Gift messaging

    Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Merchandise returns are one of the more sensitive elements for any company that fulfills and ships merchandise. Not only do we know how to manage them, we work to avoid them with reverse logistics management. Our no-hassle return policy, coupled with our Lowest Price Guarantee, establishes customer confidence and trust that increases loyalty.

    • Lowest Price Guarantee
    • No-hassle return policy
    • Reverse Logistics Executive Council
    • Returns processing
    • Return payment processing