• Innovative technology Platform
    Technology is the core of a successful loyalty or incentive program and we’ve spent years building and perfecting ours. Our patented, proprietary platform integrates all aspects of a rewards program, from customer communications to tracking and rewarding desired behaviors.

    • Points bank management
    • Engagement functionalities
    • Rules-based engine
    • Communication management
    • Partner interfaces
    • Customer segmentation
    • Online catalogs

    Innovative and Integrated
    Our platform puts all the facets of a loyalty program under one roof, providing your customers a unique value proposition found nowhere else. Our engagement framework contains a wide selection of compelling modules that are sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

    • Daily Deals
    • Local Offers
    • Travel
    • Promo Codes
    • Auctions
    • Mobile
    • Sweepstakes
    • Games
    • Shopping
    • Email
  • Custom Built For You
    Whether your customer base consists of thousands or millions with multiple segments, we have your solution. Our technology platform is highly customizable, scalable and reactive. Select the modules you need or let us create new ones for you. With years of IT experience, our developers are ready for any challenge.

    • Branded website
    • Program versioning
    • Email communications
    • Experienced developers
    • Existing program enhancements
    • Speed to market

    Technology Support Never Ends
    Some of the biggest financial and insurance companies in the world depend on our infrastructure, support and superior level of security and you can too. From compliance to technological advancements, we are always working to keep your program current. Our team has a proven record creating solutions that fit within any IT department’s procedures and standards.

    • Secure website hosting
    • Interface expertise
    • Vulnerability assessments
    • PCI and HIPPA
    • Agile development
    • Java expertise
    • Secure data exchange