Patented Solution
Our patented incentive and loyalty solutions are designed to help major marketers enhance their customer acquisition, retention, and operation cost savings efforts. We design, implement and manage customer engagement and incentive programs proven to increase customer satisfaction as well as your ROI and your bottom line. We work with you to identify customer behaviors you wish to drive – whether it’s new customer acquisition, increasing repeat transactions, or motivating your customer base to transition from paper to paperless service etc.- and based on this needs assessment recommend the incentive or loyalty solution that will help accomplish the stated goals.

For over 10 years there has made significant investment in creating a patented platform which provides clients with cost effective solutions to reward their customers for a wide variety of key behaviors. Our low-cost/high value incentive and loyalty programs provide you with an excellent tool to drive key revenue enhancing behaviors by providing the customer with significant added value. We offer a many options to match the right program with the target audience.

  • Incentives


    Increase profits by driving behavior
    Our five incentive modules are high-value, low cost and customizable. We feature few, if any, restrictions and add a powerful value proposition to your marketing and advertising initiatives.

  • Loyalty


    Build solid relationships with your brand
    Our solution offers multiple touch points allowing you continuous dialog with your customers. The result is establishing enough “stickiness” to create customer loyalty.

  • Fundraising

    Engage members and the grassroots
    Non-profit and political organizations are looking for innovative tools to engage members, and the grassroots to increase fundraising efforts across all demographic groups.