• Solving the Loyalty Equation
    Short-term customer engagement can sometimes be easy to achieve. The challenge comes in maintaining the high-level of engagement that establishes enough “stickiness” to create customer loyalty. Our solution isn’t just a rewards program; it offers multiple touch points that allow you to have a continuous dialog with your customers throughout their daily lives. Our solution allows you to enhance your customer relationships to a level that no other solution can.

    If you’re looking for “stickiness” we can help you add value to your customers’ lives by helping them do the things they’re already doing. Imagine your customers saving on the merchandise they want from the brands they love or getting deals around town as they complete their to-do lists. What if they could feel the anticipation of booking their dream vacation—including that bucket-list white water rafting adventure, or experience the thrill of winning an auction or sweepstakes? By becoming an integral part of their daily lives, you’ll receive a level of loyalty that’s—simply put—unimaginable.

    How do we do it? With our patented virtual currency and dynamic engagement platform.

    Our Currency
    The primary element of our loyalty solution is patented, virtual reward currencies that can be awarded for anything you choose, making it easy to show your customer appreciation. One of the biggest benefits of our solution is that our currency is vendor sponsored, so you don’t have to worry about accruing any cost or liability. Plus, our earn formula allows your customers to obtain a valuable amount of currency from the beginning of their relationship with you—not the months or years it takes with other loyalty programs.

  • Redemption Platform
    Your customers will be able to choose from thousands of exciting ways to use their rewards currency. This includes savings on:

    • 200,000+ local offers for dining, shopping and entertainment
    • 20,000+ hotels, cruises and rental cars
    • 4,000+ brand name merchandise options like hot electronics, magazines, apparel and more
    • 100+ national brand gift cards

    Customer Engagement Tools
    To complement our virtual rewards currency, we have developed several modules to both increase currency value and customer engagement. Collectively, these customer engagement tools will keep your loyalty program fresh and exciting over very long periods of time. To keep costs as low as possible, and to avoid performance issues with third-party software, we’ve developed each module internally. And because they’re modules, they can run simultaneously, or one at a time, depending on your business objectives.Explore the sections below to find out more about these engagement modules.

    • Daily Deals
    • Sweepstakes
    • Auctions
    • Promo Codes
    • Interactive Games

    Our Services
    Our virtual currency and engagement platform open the dialog with your customers, and our services include the strategy and tools you’ll need to communicate with them: widgets, ads, landing pages, emails, social media campaigns and more. Add that to the reporting, legal compliance, fulfillment, support and superior technology and security that we offer and it’s clear that we cover the full spectrum of your customer loyalty lifecycle.

    • Website development
    • emails
    • Mobile notifications
    • Social media
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Legal compliance
    • fulfillment
    • Security

  • Patented customer engagement for less - Koolstreet

    Drive behaviors with incentives 
    Drive profitable behaviors at a fraction of the cost of other traditional programs.

  • Enhance customer relationships
    We provide multiple touch points that allow a continuous dialog with customers unlike any other solutions can offer.

  • Increase donations to support your mission
    We offer a special program to help non-profit and faith-based organizations to create a whole new profit center to support your mission.